Jun. 25th, 2011

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I've talked a bit to folks in real life about how frustrating and polarizing the queer-and-in-theatre community is (and part of me feels guilty for complaining because a) employed and b) no one's actively trying to harm me because of my sexuality but c) how do I live in a developed, mature country in which a) and b) are still serious problems?).

None of that mattered tonight, as we (collectively: cast and crew) watched the NY State Senate debate. Most (possibly all?) of this cast are New Yorkers, either by birth or by transplant. All had a vested interest in the outcome of the vote. For a little while, a show that's been dragging me down was both totally unimportant and the most vital thing I could be doing. That show meant I was connected to people, people who went onstage and tapped their hearts out then came offstage to crowd around those of us clutching phones and Twitter connections. Despite a clunky internet connection, we watched the live feed in the dressing room when cues allowed and cheered when the final amendment passed. Teary eyes and shaky hands were prevalent, myself thoroughly (and somewhat unexpectedly) included. Our show came down not long after the final vote was announced, and instead of "see you tomorrow" or "good night," everyone left to calls of "33-29!"

It's 3am, I'm sleepy, I've my last 2 shows and strike tomorrow. I suspect none of this makes sense, but my brain's too busy for sleep and writing is as good a method as any to quiet the buzzing.


sesquipedaliatic: Crazy.  We has it. (Default)

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