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Seeeeeeeeeason 3 here I come! [personal profile] serrico tells me this season is the fangirl catnip season, so I've got my typing fingers at the ready!

3x1 "Exile" I reeeeally don't like this Clark but accept his narrative purpose.
It's been 3 months and Clark is still wearing the red ring. How has he not either gotten caught or shown something unexplainable to someone who paid attention?

I like the longer hair!
And also that shirt!

He goes into the phone booth and becomes a different person. LOVE IT.

Oh Clark. You poor dear. You too, Mommy Kent.

Credits look the same so far.

Ahh, there's our cop friend again. Wikipedia told me she's a DC character, so I expect to see more of her.

Wow, Chloe. Way to be a bitch.
Aaaand you too, Lana.

Is Clark ACTUALLY wearing a shirt with a picture of kryptonite on it?

Run, Chloe! Run from Daddy Luthor while you can!

AHAHAHAH! Ryan Robins!

I really liked that bit of conflict between Clark and Chloe. Gave Chloe a hell of a lot more background than I expected, and they both fought with well-balanced urgency. WIN! I say win for Clark, Chloe, AND the writers.

Huh. Given that there's no one to be playing for, this conflict actually makes me think that neither Helen nor Daddy Luthor did it. I don't think they're both totally innocent, but huh.


Compass! OF COURSE Daddy Kent's compass is gonna help save the day.

Wait, WHUT.
Some element to this isn't real, is it?
I keep getting thrown out of the island scenes by a) Michael Rosenbaum's hips (THOSE PANTS.) and b) the horribly pasted on background. I'll forgive the background for the hips, though.
WOW I sound even more like a skeez than usual.
Possibly a psychopath who's about to kill you, Lex.
There we are!
Um. Why are there temperate ferns on a clearly tropical desert island?
Ah! Imaginary friend is imaginary!

Oh noes! Daddy Kent!
Ok, not a brain dump this time.
Uuuuuh. "Sacrifice anything" generally ends in ways the sacrificer doesn't expect.


Ok, totes watching ep 2. Cannot go to bed now!

3x2 "Phoenix" Smallville Characters: ISSUES. WE HAVE THEM.
Hey, it's a previously! First time we've seen one of these, right? Maybe except for the s1 finale/s2 premier.

Shirt ripping will never not be funny.

Oh thank goodness the red kryptonite is borked. I'm sure it's not gone forever, but at least we've moved past that bit of plot.

Daddy Luthor! In tears?
What exactly did Clark steal?
Teeheehee! Lex as a thug.
Ok, ok, I accept that maybe Helen isn't a good person.
Aaand now I'm gonna find out.
If we'll open the box?
Guess: Clark's blood.

Yes, he DEFINITELY knows. Lionel knows LOTS OF THINGS.


Ya know, this show does flashbacks really well. Especially when they're semi remembered/invented story flashbacks. In this ep, the story of what happened on the plane. A while a go ("Witness," I think?) we got lots of stories about what happened the night Daddy Luthor got shot. Characters' speech changes, even their physical mannerisms tweak.

Helen, why not grab the unconscious Lex while you jump ship?

Clark, antagonizing a major crime boss is generally a Poor Choice.

Yay, spikey haired Chloe is back!
Aaaaand she continues to be awesome.

Definitely don't believe a word that just came out of Helen's mouth. Unfortunately.
Poor Lex. And poor Helen, for that matter. I suspect she could have been a veeeery different person had circumstances been different.

Hah! "Intriguing presentation" was the BEST POSSIBLE WAY Daddy Luthor could have reacted to the mason jar of blood. LOVE IT.

Lana and Mommy Kent tag team!

You are in an AIRPLANE, morons! Don't SHOOT THE GUN!
Because things like that happen. OY.

Killing me, Smalls.

3x3 "Extinction" I see we've stopped dancing around vigilante plot lines.
Boy 1: I hear she's single again.
Boy 2: What, did they post that on our official stalker website?

Hang on, does Lex have meteor-driven superpowers?
Or more to the point, should I already know if Lex has meteor powers?

Ah, he going to make meteor rock bullets, isn't he?
That'd be a yes!

Clark, why are you wearing a white shirt to do yardwork?
Well this scene went from being casual to SUPER INTENSE in a matter of seconds!
Ah, that's why. Blood looks far more dramatic on white!

Clark's been shirtless (or mostly shirtless) in every ep so far this season.
Starting my official count now!

Go Lana! Still a damsel in distress, but kicking ass while being in distress.

HAH! So now Lex's obsession is gonna shift! Now he's going to obsess over

"I wasn't infected by the meteor rocks."
Clark Kent: telling the truth BUT JUST BARELY.

Question: We haven't seen much of Martha working for Lionel Luthor recently. I thought the Kents collectively decided that she wouldn't leave her job. Did that change?

3x4 "Slumber" The first 20 minutes were engaging...
Shiiiirtless Clark! Now with added stripping.
And added Lana stipping!

Lex: Legend has it, it was forged in the first of Mount--
Alina: DOOM!
Lex: Fuji.
Alina: Spoilsport.

WHOA. Is THIS our Lex coming out scene? I feel like I've missed something. Something else is going on here. Lana stripping, Chloe giving up the wall of weird, even the new (obnoxious) truck.
OH. This ep's called "Slumber." Nevermind. I get it now!
ETA AHAHAHA In editing (just a touch) this entry, I noticed "our Lex coming out scene." My brain totally meant the scene in which Lex tells Clark what he knows and Clark reveals his powers. BUT FREUD GOT TO MY FINGERS WHEN I WAS TYPING THAT.

Oh look. Another car crash.

I... don't really have anything else to say. I figured out what was happening and a few scenes later, so did Clark. And then other stuff happened? Whatever. Moving on!

3x5 "Perry" I get the feeling I'm either supposed to recognize Perry or remember his face because we'll see him later. Or both.
HOLD ON. A comet hit the surface of the sun? I don't think so! That's not really plausible. AT ALL. Flares, sure. Solar storms that interfere with the magnetosphere, totally. But a wee comet hitting the surface of the sun? Not gonna happen. Would burn up FAR to quickly! Unless there's some element that could withstand the heat and friction. I'm willing to admit I could be missing something.

Caaaaaaaaar crash is imminent!
What a shock.

Don't have a whole lot to say about this ep, either.

3x6 "Relic" In which there is fun history and TERRIBLE fx.
Well now I'm intrigued.
Similar face? And medallion?

BWAHAHAH! 1950s Clark! And Lana! Love it.

Chloe: Someone gets a "D" in subtlety.
Love it!

It's mildly annoying that Louise (aka 1950s Lana) is a stronger person than Lana.
Not by much, but still.

Are we ever going to watch an episode in which the main narrative ISN'T a metaphor for Clark and Lana?

A fun, amusing episode with an intriguing plot and some interesting character background.

3x7 "Magnetic" In which things happened but didn't really engage me. Also sexism.
Mostly I ate dinner while watching this one. Nothing much to say. Kinda tired of the Clark and Lana back-and-forth about relationships. Clark's sexism is becoming the show's sexism, which is uncool. Blech.

3x8 "Shattered" Well, that's a refreshing change!
Yay more Lex plot!

Uh oh. Needle to the neck.
Or... not?

The "he's crazy and hears voices and sees things and is paranoid" is convenient.
Aaaaand now he's singing to the blanket.
I was gonna say props to Rosenbaum for playing that line between crazy and not, but I think I have to tweak that to the line between crazy and very crazy.

Ah, and there's the hand to the neck again.

Props to the writers for dancing along the crazy!Lex edge so very well! I feel like I'd normally have a grasp of where the episode was going but I REALLY don't know!
I'm guessing that Lex is indeed totally crazy, but that his conspiracy theory is also at least reasonably accurate.

DAMN! We're going hard-hitting in this ep. Lana!
I'm wondering if we'll see Lana recovering in the next few eps. That was a pretty serious injury.

Aaaand proof of conspiracy theory! Or what appears to be proof, at least.

WHOA! Craaaaaazy violent Lex!

Conveniently, Lex is druuuuuged so whatever he remembers of Clark will be explained away by the crazy.

WHOA! Doctor is TOTALLY in on it.
DAMN he looks terrible!

DEAR GOD that ep took a turn for the really depressing in the last couple of minutes. Major props to the main cast for pulling that off. A VERY well acted few final scenes!

3x9 "Asylum" So much pain! So much happy for me! So few ways of writing that without sounding masochistic!
AHAHAHAH AWESOME! Painting to hide his pills.
I love how Rosenbaum/writers/directors are still dancing the crazy!Lex line. We know he's being set up and drugged. But. He's still a liiiiiiiittle bit crazy, and we never really know whether we're seeing Lex act crazy or Lex be crazy. LOVE.

Whoa! Ahahahaha! I love how Clark walking through the mental hospital is like a walk through the last couple of seasons. LOVE IT.

And I repeat my previous comment about the intensity of Rosenbaum's voice.

Bare feet! I know Lex has been barefoot this entire time, but there was just a shot that focused on them and it made me smile.

Whoa, was that all the pre-credits scene? Damn. I feel like so much just happened. Good storytelling, that!

Adam, your issues are showing.
Well I want to punch him. Guessing Lana does as well.
Good! I'm glad she didn't cave to his pressure (at least not yet).

OH GOD that cage thing hits what minor bit of claustrophobia I have. EAUGH!

I'm definitely enjoying the characters in this walk down memory lane here.

Ahahahah! "If you want to save your Cerebro" indeed. And directed at Lex.

There's a whole lot of physical pain for the main cast in this ep! I like it!

Lana's recovery is pretty much the fastest EVER. But I appreciate that we didn't just skim past the horribly broken leg.
And I kinda like Mr. Issues. Adam. I'm somewhat afraid that he's gonna become a bad guy, but for now I like him.

Aaaaaaand memory wipe successful!

Poor Clark. He's alienated (heh) both Lana and Lex without even trying! Admittedly, some drugs and electroshock therapy helped screw up the Lex relationship, but still. Awww.

Well done, Welling. Vocal change for Clark during the scene in the kitchen with Mommy and Daddy Kent. Emotionally pained without being angsty. Love it!

Um. Was I supposed to recognize something from that bit of security cam footage that Lionel was watching? 'Cause I definitely didn't.

Fiiiinally! Some big narrative changes in relationships! I'm sad for Clark and Lana but I appreciate the need to spice things up. Show was feeling a tad bit stagnant.

We start tech for our next show tomorrow, so chances are slim that I'll manage to watch much in the next week+. Pretty much all I want to do when I get home from tech is shower and sleep. I'm fed at the theatre, so even food isn't a priority. 3 meals at the theatre = long days!


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