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My day, in three moments:

1- The smaller theatre's show (we have 2 stages, one giant opera house and one proscenium) opened today. Hooray! But now there's a post Opening Night Party party happening in my house. There is music. And yelling. And board games. And jumping? [I don't begrudge the partying in general, and also I live with 13 people so noise is a constant, but GNARRRR.]
ETA: Now they're playing DJ Earworm, and I can't deny the power of awesome mashups.

2- I burned my hand earlier, and it hurts and is puffy. I burned it by TURNING ON THE TAP. Because our tap water, when given the chance to warm up, is juuuuuuust shy of boiling. I KID YOU NOT. Folks took measurements last year, and it clocked in a around 190 Fahrenheit (boiling is 212). My shower, naturally, remains room temperature.

3- My father is here! Well, not here here. But he's in the same state as me! Tomorrow, I shall take him to my favorite brunch place and 2 of the 3 places of business I frequent in this town. Within walking distance of me (ie, not across the scary, pedestrian-unfriendly swing bridge) there are 7 businesses where I can exchange money for goods or services. One of those is the theatre, 2 are restaurants. There's an ice cream shop, a post office, a cheese shop, and a clothing shop for wealthy, colorblind retirees.

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Date: 2011-11-06 11:02 am (UTC)
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and a clothing shop for wealthy, colorblind retirees.



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