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My work contract is up in just a few days, which means my life is full of frantic packing (... or not. *shiftyeyes*) and saying goodbye to the people I've lived and worked with for the last 9 months. At the moment, I don't have either the brainpower or the emotional wherewithal to talk about the strange and constant "trust these people with your life and now NEVER SEE THEM AGAIN" whiplash that is theatrical employment, but my head is filled with it. My room is currently far less packed than it should be, and I have 4 shows in 2 days, which suggests that my suitcase will remain unpacked until Monday. Hooray for preparedness.

I did a spectacularly terrible job at sending holiday cards last year, and am planning to remedy that this year. Care for a card? Comments are screened, so drop your address below. I cannot guarantee cards containing traditional holiday sentiments, but I most definitely can promise cards that make you smile.

Relatedly, I'm having lots of fun with this:

The relevant details, from the intro post: this is a stocking-stuffer fest. If you’d like to participate, just copy the following code, drop it into a new comment and let your stocking be stuffed! Icons, mini-mixes, new LJ friends, a cover for you awesome story, a recipe for oreo truffles, whatever your mini-Christmas wishes are. My comment is here, if you're curious. Wandering through the comments is a delightful explosion of fic recs, recipes, knitting patterns, and gifs. And it's only Nov 26th!


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