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Only four episodes tonight, since two of them resulted in a fair bit of flailing.

2x12 "Insurgence" Moar Canadian Actor Bingo to play! I reeeeeally need to make that scorecard. )

2x13 "Suspect" So glad we've moved on to more than just FotW plots! )


2x15 "Prodigal"NO WORDS. ONLY FLAILING! )

OH MY GOD THIS EP. GAAAA!!! I'm still all flaily!
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I've just assisted in the making of deep fried Oreos. I'm not sure whether this is awesome or horrifying. Mostly I just dusted everything--myself included--with powdered sugar and plated the Oreos once they were finished.

Somewhat more troubling: I've just eaten four deep friend (golden!) Oreos. I don't love fried foods aaaaaall that much, and I'm definitely not one for sweet fried foods. But they were so tasty! WHAT HAVE I BECOME!? I feel like I've made my Southern roots proud.

My stomach, on the other hand, is considerably less proud and more troubled.

Deep fried Oreos. So wrong. And yet? So right.
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3 Things about White Collar season 3 ep 1
Color me uninpressed. And probably crabby. )

I'm willing to admit that I wasn't in the best of moods when I watched the ep, which may well have colored my opinions. But blech. I'm not throwing in the towel because I do love me some White Collar. But show, you're on notice.
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I'm home now from finishing 2 shows (of the it's-my-day-job variety, not the I-watch-on-teevee variety) and have fortified myself with leftover Chinese food (mmmmm, broccoli!) and mint chocolate chip ice cream. It's time to start season 2!

(Broccoli and ice cream is a totally acceptable post-show snack, yeah?)

Well, the preview's off to a good start, as it gave me Lex yelling "cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war" again. Bring it, Smallville! )

Aaand here begins the chapter of Alina Headdesking Over Secrets! I'll try not to say this too much, but just to get it out of my system: JUST FUCKING TELL LANA ALREADY!

I suspect this'll be the last ep for a few days, as my wee (well, comparatively wee) sister is visiting for the weekend (GAAA HAVE BEEN LOOKING FORWARD TO THIS FOR SO LONG) and there are lots of sights we much check out. Sites like the cheese shop. And the ice cream stand. And the library. And... the post office? Ahh, tiny town.
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1x14 "Nicodemus"
Well, I got my wish for Lana being a stronger person. Except... not. )

1x15 "Stray"

1x17 "Reaper"
AKA Daddy issues galore! )

Awwww, Lex. Your Daddy issues. *fond smile*

1x18 "Drone"
Oh god bees. )

1x19 "Crush"
That started out as fun and ended with an emotional facesmash! )

1x20 "Obscura"
Oh screw it. I'll watch another. )

Briefly, finale predictions:

- Lex is going to discover something more tangible that maaaaybe links Clark to the crash site and/or Octagon of Doom.
- Prom/spring dance/whatever will happen. Chloe's dress will, indeed, be pink. Shit (other than dancing/making out) will go down. Lana's will be either teal or scarlet.
- Mommy and/or Daddy Kent will lecture Clark about being careful with his powers so people don't find out.
- Clark and Lana will either dance together or make mopey eyes at each other from across the dance floor.
- That stupid investigator Lex had (has?) under his thumb will reveal Secrets and then get dead.
- At least one more person will see and start to understand Clark's powers.

So let's do this!
1x21 "Tempest"
An entire season in juuuust over a week. I dunno whether to be proud or shamefaced. )

Even knowing that I can haul out s2 RIGHT NOW I'm still all jittery!
Also, WIN for extending the storm noises over the credits.

And yeah. Those finale predictions are... not so accurate. Though in fairness, I was assuming we'd tie up AT LEAST ONE PLOT LINE IN THE SEASON FINALE. Apparently not.
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1x12 "Leach"
AKA the episode in which everyone speaks in aphorisms and cliches. No, really. Narrative and character aside, I think this is the most poorly written episode yet. *eyeroll* I almost think it's a joke, except no one ever recognizes ALL the stupid cliches so it reads as poor writing.

Whoops! These got long, so it's time for some cuts.

Meh. )

1x13 "Kinetic"

3 minutes in and I'm more engaged with this ep than the previous! Lex! And Chloe (who is rapidly becoming my second favorite character, what a shock)! In Lex's house! Bad guys! Teleportation! A fake arm! WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG.
Canadian Actor Bingo, anyone? )

1x14 "Zero"

This intro has NOTHING on the last!
Lots of flails, capslock, and adverbs under here! )

I just want to hug them all but especially Lex.

Question: In doctor shows, narratives revolve, in part, around the Patient of the Week. In sci fi shows, it's the Monster of the Week. So what's the parlance for this show? Meteor-rock-user of the week?
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3 more eps down

Ep 9, "Rogue"
Clark: *looks at battle armor with an s-shaped snake on the front*
Lex: You know, it belonged to Alexander the Great.
Clark: I can't exactly see myself going into battle with that on my chest.

That makes two nods to the Superman s, yeah? The first when Clark unwillingly plays scarecrow, and now this. (Tangent: that shot of him strung up with the necklace around his neck is FANTASTIC.)

Also, do we ever get to see Lex being properly honest? I mean, I'm loving him do everything but tell the truth, but I'd like to see him tell the truth about his feeeeeellings

That's all I have to say. Dirty cop plotlines don't rock my world, and this one made me uncomfortable (not because it's particularly bad so much as I didn't enjoy it).

Ep 10, "Shimmer"

LEX JUST GRABBED CLARK FOR SHELTER AND ALSO FOR GROPAGE WHEN THE DOOR BLEW OPEN. OMG. There was no "I'm protecting him" or "he's in the way." That was FULL ON "Hold me!"

I spent much of that scene wondering why Lex was wearing a heavily startched white shirt. It wasn't bad, just didn't have the softness or flair of anything else he's worn. And then they walked into a room with a blacklight. THAT'S why he was wearing that shirt!

I don't love Lana Lang, but she's grown on the me last few eps. I'm keeping my mind open.

Lana: That's the thing about Clark Kent. He's not always there when you want him, but he's always there when you need him.

Aaand here's Lex being honest! Thanks, show, for answering my requests.

Question: do we know the story of Mommy Luthor's death? Other than that she died when Lex was young, had surgery of some sort, was on heart medication, and was sick for a while. I feel like I might have missed a salient conversation.

Smallville: Our sunsets are painted on. As are our moonscapes.

Heeeey, more Lex getting beat up! Aaaaand more honesty! This time fear, but it's genuine, unplanned (for the given actor's value of "unplanned) emotion! And Clark swans in to save Lex again. This ep, with bonus saving of Lex's not-girlfriend from drowning! MAJOR points to Lex for the "that kind of love would get me arrested; she's a little young for me" line.

Ep 11, "Hug"

I've been reliably informed (thanks [personal profile] serrico!) that this ep is especially good, so I think it's time for a proper liveblog. ETA: Nevermind. I'm a doof and can't read episode titles. Thought this was "Hourglass" when it's actually "Hug." Have liveblogged anyway.

Cutting for braindrool, but not spoilers since this aired A DECADE AGO )
Clark: It's still strange to think he and Rickman were once best friends. Think we'll ever end up like that?
Lex: Trust me, Clark. Our friendship is gonna be the stuff of legend.
Alina: *DIES*
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Dear Lex Luthor (and also Michael Rosenbaum)-

HOW ARE YOU SO COMPELLING?! I've already established that you're not the sort of character I enjoy watching. Baby Bad Guy, primed to grow up to be Big Bad Guy? No thanks. Alternately, Good Guy who's snarky and self-intentioned and seems like a Bad Guy? Also no thanks!


Admittedly, the last episode I watched (ep 8, "Jitters," the one with Level 3 at LuthorCorp) was filled with lots of delicious Lex. Lex in pain! Lex betrayed by Daddy! Lec saved by Clark (again. Should I be starting a running tally?). Lex putting pieces together! LEX IN A LAVENDER SHIRT AND CHARCOAL SLACKS. (My shallowness, let me show you it.)

Also, I enjoy your shapeless meddling in Clark's love/social life. In particular, I love that you're aware how meddlesome you're being, and that you're totally shameless about throwing your weight around (visibly!) so Clark is more popular/looks good/gets the girl. It should be creepy and awkward, given your age/status/financial differences. But you make sure he knows that you're meddling and it works! Somehow.

And that last episode. OH GOD. You got yanked around LuthorCorp by the back of the collar, and somehow managed to convey a developing understanding and sense of betrayal in just a few shots. You think SO LOUD and I love it! I feel (given that I know who you'll become eventually) that I shouldn't trust you ever, but I do. Well done with the acting, sir. Well done.

Tired from flailing so much and really, really loving the lavender/charcoal combo that happily, you and your costumers seem to love as well,
- Me
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5 Thoughts about Smallville, Season 1 eps 1-4

Not behind a cut because we're 10 season in. I feel confident that I'm the only person left who might be concerned about nitty gritty spoilers.

1. Michael Rosenbaum, you're playing a character who hits all my I-don't-enjoy-watching-you buttons. WHY DO I LIKE YOU SO MUCH? From what I've seen so far, Lex isn't the kind of bad guy I'm drawn to (Logan on Veronica Mars notwithstanding). And yet, like Logan, you're interesting, engaging, and have me wanting more of you. (Though I'm confused about your lack of hair, 'cause Baby Lex in the Cornfield was apparently shaved by the meteors. Not a burn on his body, but no hair on his head? No sense. No sense at all.) Also, how old is Lex? Is he out of high school already, or just Above Schooling, thanks to Daddy's money? I got the sense he was pretty much the same age as Clark, but I'm not entirely sure.

2. Ahahah dated soundtrack is dated. I'm looking forward to seeing the show age (as I do with anything than spans many years of filming). I'm also interested to see where the show goes around season 5, as I'm guessing we've got a year of high school per season? Given how time seems to be passing in the first few eps, at least. ETA: Nevermind. Looked at Wikipedia to check the original air date and inadvertently read about the change of direction in season 5. BAH unexpected spoilers.

3. Kryptonite. Can I just state for the record how much I adore the first few presentations of the Kryptonite and Clark's reactions to it? From Chloe's "Statistical fact: Clark can't get within 5 feet of Lana" to ALL the other ridiculous and wonderful moments surrounding that stupid necklace. I love that the show is being thoroughly unsubtle about Clark's reaction to the Kryptonite (because if there's one thing the general public knows about the Superman mythos, it's kryptonite) and I LOVE that TPTB have allowed Clark to figure out why he's super weak RIGHT AWAY. No angsting, no aimless wondering, no looking past the obvious. Which brings me to:

4. Smart characters who talk about things! I don't love lie-based plots, so the fact that Clark has MULTIPLE honest and frank discussions with his parents about his powers in the first few eps makes me a happy girl. I don't need everyone to know everything all the time, but when the narrative is driven by a set of lies, I get annoyed. But that's not happening here! Clark has people with whom he can be honest (admittedly, he talks to different people about different things, but that's as it should be).

5. And because this post is lacking in shallow thoughts: WHOA PRETTY. Even knowing the actors are far older than their characters, I feel a leeeeeetle bit skeezy pointing out how pretty they are. But WHOA PRETTY. I expect that component of the show only to improve from here (to only improve? That's a split infinitive but it sounds better. English is hard).

I've been debating between watching Smallville or Stargate: Universe and I've seen enough of SG:U to know that the stuff they're doing with sex and body swaping is making me WAY uncomfortable. So. Smallville it is and though they'll both give me Michael Shanks eventually, I'm guessing it's a meatier role on Smallville--yays!
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I started watching Stargate Universe because I'm a glutton for punishment I miss cracky, serialized sci fi. In the last two days, I've watched the first 7 episodes and can sum up my feelings with a resounding "Eh."

The first four episodes were nothing remarkable. That's not to say they were actively bad, just that they weren't good either. We meet the characters, we learn how they react under extreme pressure, we're introduced to the basic technology. Definitely a series opening designed to appeal to people who haven't seen other Stargate.

Each episode is titled--and revolves around--a single thing necessary for survival: water, air, etc. (Actually, I REALLY like the way the titles play into the narrative. It's simple and elegant. Not nearly as wonderful as Farscape's episode titles, though.)

And then ep 5, "Light," happened.
Minor spoilers, for those so concerned )

I'll keep watching the series for now, either until it irrevocably offends me, bores me, or I acquire something that engages me more. (And I just reserved the first disk of the first season of Smallville with my shiny new library card, so that may win.)


May. 6th, 2011 02:45 am
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I've just returned from seeing Thor and midnight with a handful of theatre peeps (and, ya know, lots of audience that I didn't know).

First and foremost, I had NO IDEA what I was getting into. I know the comics a little and the mythology moderately. I hadn't even seen a preview because I live in a box called theatre. People said "Hey, let's see the midnight showing!" and I decided that'd be fun.

Short version of the flailing: Did you enjoy Iron Man? Do you like mythology and/or Marvel? If the answer to any of those questions is yes, do yourself a favor and see Thor. If you're looking for the Great Film of Our Generation, this is probably not your cup of tea.

I wield the hammer of... spoilers? )
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1. I've spend a significant portion of today mainlining the entirety of Wonders of the Solar System and the first half of Wonders of the Universe.
2. That (and a bunch of other factors) make me miss science and learning new things.
3. I purchased a giant pack of glow-in-the-dark stars and dots to decorate my room.

I now have a not-quite-to-scale model of the solar system on my ceiling. It includes planets both major and dwarf as well as all the major moons. My ceiling light was in the perfect place and of relative size to be the sun, and the light spill on the newly added planets appears to be vaguely accurate. WIN! I'm also charting it all so I can remember which moon is which. (Also, thanks to Wonders I have learned that the moons of Jupiter and Saturn are the COOLEST THINGS EVER.)

Further questions:
I still have a TON of dots and stars left (I had 4 sheets and have used a little more than half of 1). What do I do with them? I'm contemplating a constellation or two on my walls, but don't really have a specific plan. What constellations should I use? I have a fair bit of ceiling space left too. Should I map out something else in currently-untouched corner? What should I map out?
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I have seen The Impossible Alien and am too sleepy to process it properly. I'm taking my SCREAMING NIGHTMARES JESUS THANK YOU MOFFAT and going to bed.

ARRRRG! I wrote a whole post of flailing and then chrome barfed on me and now it's GONE.  So.  *FLAILZ* Now, bed.  Later, more coherent thoughts.

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My life can currently be summed up by three points:

1. There's a signed headshot of Marlene Dietrich over the toilet in the shop.

2. SNL called yesterday to rent costumes.

3. My bedroom floor is so slanted that I can't set an open glass in some stops for fear of tippage.
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Have a bit of cash to spare and looking for a donation outlet*? Consider the auctions over at [ profile] help_japan. There's offers of fic, graphics, art, food, mail, and a host of other exciting things. I offered a year of mail from backstage (which, ok, plenty of you already get something like that).

BUT. Bids are closing soon soon soon! On March 31st, in fact. So hop over to [ profile] help_japan and bid.

*Since the world is pretty much filled with terrible things right now, unfortunately.
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Drove an hour an a half to see two hours of theatre today. There's a quirky, utterly adorable little theatre that's on the NTLive roster not horribly far away, so today I got to see Danny Boyle's Frankenstein.


I made a list of things to think about when I was capable of doing more than flailing my hands around, but after an hour and a half car ride home and a leisurely family dinner, I STILL haven't managed to come down yet. You can't see me as I type, but I keep stopping to flail.

I don't have much attachment to the Frankenstein myth and even less to Shelly's book, so narrative changes didn't faze me at all. Though I do want to reread the book now.

All star cast, all star production team. The set/lights/costumes/makeup/FX/sound designs were all fantastic. Clear, purposeful, non-distracting, and lovely. Not a show about design, but a show VERY well supported by its design. Also, I would like to wear Frankenstein's first coat. THOSE SLEEVES WERE BEAUTIFUL.

HOLY CRAP PHYSICALITY! I swear, Benedict Cumberbatch controls every single tendon in his body. The first twenty minutes of the show, especially, awed me. The show's definitely at risk of alienating the audience (and theatre gods help you if you don't know the Frankenstein story!) for that first chunk, but it worked SO WELL.

Aaaand there was definitely a point towards the end of the show that the Monster (Cumberbatch) was in breeches and an open jacket. My fangirl brain hijacked the rest of me and I COULDN'T STOP STARING AT THE ABS. WTF, self? I'm not a abs gal, AND the scene was engaging. Attack of shallow me!

Seeing live theatre that wasn't live! Was totally fine and unbothered by the "this is recorded" fact until curtain call, when my need to show my appreciation to cast and crew was at war with the "across the pond and only seeing this via some very lovely cameras" thing. Academic brain noted that there were a few beats that got considerably larger laughs from the UK audience; likewise, others clicked with the US audience. Lost a couple lines because we laughed when the UK audience didn't (so there was no laughter pause from the actors).

Other thinky things about US vs UK theatre, with regards to little fixes. Noticed a few small things (namely, a bald cap that just wanted to be freeeeeeeeee!) that, in the US, would have had techies flying around backstage in an attempt to fix with whatever means necessary. Less so in the UK?

There were a few interview clips before the show started; in one Johnny Lee Miller talked about finding his Monster in his Frankenstein. Was mildly disappointed that we had it spelled out pre-show, as I'd like to have discovered that for myself. He had some vocal quirks early on that I think would have clued me in. But I didn't get to make that discovery, sadly.

Definitely some changes from the previews; notably, FAR less nudity than I expected. Wondering if it was a change made in previews or a change made for this show (which would make me sadfaced). Looking forward to comparing notes with [personal profile] charloween.

It's HOURS later and I'm still SO FLAILY.

I say it often when I see a show that rocks me, but THAT is what theatre is supposed to do. Alas, I have now used up the few words I had remaining. AM RELIANT ON CAPSLOCK TO EXPRESS MYSELF.
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Despite what my subject line says, my week did in fact have transitions. The sun goes down, my eyelids follow suit, sleep happens: transition! This entry, however, is lacking.

On Monday, I went to a bris. There's a whole pile to say about that (about how I felt alternately more Jewish and less Jewish than I have in a while, how watching the Jewish grandparents was fascinating, and so forth) but it's not really the point right now. In addition to the circumcision part, the bris is a celebration of life. It signifies that the baby has been alive for 8 days (and is thus more likely to stay alive). For various reasons, this bris was particularly joyful. Despite the strange notes of religious angst, the whole thing felt like a great big "hooray for life!" celebration.

I saw the oh-so-beautiful stage production of The Lion King on Wednesday. The puppets/costumes/props (not so easy to draw a line between them) are downright amazing, and the guy who played Scar (hands down, my favorite character) was BRILLIANT. Seeing the stage show definitely proved that observing the Hamlet parallels in The Lion King makes it a far more engaging narrative. The show did have one obvious technical glitch (the sun, basically a GIANT venetian blind, got a bit tangled in itself during the final scene and hung awkwardly), which made my heart ache for the show. I could all but hear the headset conversation about whether it would fall mid-scene and which scenery bits needed to be adjusted to keep the actors safe. It wasn't a show I desperately wanted to see, and I'm SO VERY VERY glad I did.

The last two days have been spent mostly at home with family, because my uncle (Dad's brother) died early yesterday morning. Heart attack, completely unexpected. He lived quite close to us, so Dad has been dealing with all the strange requirements that come with a death. Funeral arrangements, travel for Utah-based family, that sort of thing. I spent part of my afternoon looking up cremation urn details like how to calculate the necessary size. I posted a rather bland request for hugs on Facebook and Twitter, and the unquestioning responses were lovely. Sure, I know there are people to support me when I need it, but a visceral reminder made quite the impact.

So to recap the week.

Monday: Celebration of birth.
Wedneaday: Viewing of The Lion King.
Thursday: Death of uncle.

Gallows humor. I has it.
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The last five days have gone on FOREVER. "Whirlwind" doesn't even begin to cover it. Here's the basics starting Wednesday, as that's when the crazy took off.

Wednesday, October 13 )

Luckily for the length of this writeup, Thursday was less time-specific. Let's get to it.

Thursday, October 14 )

Life has slowed down a bit in the intervening days. I now know what city I'm in, what time it is, the date, and a host of other perfectly normal information that was lost to me mid-week. I have acquired groceries, a dress, a bloody nose (thank you, exceptionally dry air), a solid night's sleep, and a regular dose of that implacable show adrenaline.

To the world I say: Let's Make Things!
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Home now from seeing Inception and I have two things to say.

1. Dear Christopher Nolan: we clearly appreciate the same things when it comes to the male form. Please see: Cillian Murphy and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. MUCH LOVE, Me.

2. Is actually many things, in the form of mental barf and as such, includes an excessive use of parentheses and spoilers in a big way )

Other people who saw Inception an wrote about it. Where are you? I know I saw posts about it over the last week or so, but now I can't find them!


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