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1. I spent the theatre weekend--Monday and Tuesday--in NYC visiting friends, people watching in Central Park, galavanting around Times Square (OH GOD OVERSTIMULATION), visiting the Harry Potter exhibit at Discovery, and remembering that I don't like NYC. I've only visited the city twice before, and as much as I love the things it contains, I've left with a general feeling of ickyness. Maybe it's the lack of sky. Maybe it's the constant crush of crabby people. Maybe it's something else. I find DC, Toronto, and Chicago all delightful. Why does NYC make my skin crawl after a mere 24 hours?

2. The Harry Potter exhibit at Discovery (mostly props and costumes complimented by an audio tour with designer interviews) was a blast. I think I have Things To Say about Harry Potter and the final movie and the impact it's had on my life, but not now. The Discovery exhibit was particularly enjoyable because I got to hear lots of designers in my industry talk about their passion for the work.

There was one robe, though I can't remember which, held together with size 4 black snaps. They're the same snaps we use for most of our quick rigging, and I've EASILY sewn a hundred of them the last three+ months. I recognized them instantly (a feat I'm alternately proud of and embarrassed by) and physically recoiled (definitely not proud, as I elbowed a nice woman behind me) and made the gals I was with laugh.

Aside from the PTSD (Post-Tech Snap Disorder), I loved seeing the same work I've been doing on display as artistry. I mean, mostly I think of my job as a craft. To me, the stitching and painting and distressing I do is less Art and more craft that assists in the making of Art. But this, from the bleach-stained Invisibility Cloak (INFINITELY more impressive post-CGI) to Lupin's scuffed shoes to the distressing on the trio's Prisoner of Azkaban Shrieking Shack costumes, this was definitely Art. If you'll forgive a touch of melodrama, the exhibit was Work!life and fan!life combined in an unexpected and magnificent and inspiring way.

3. I've been playing around with Google+ the last week or so. It's definitely shiny! I haven't futzed or read enough to get a feel for the bad things, yet. I love the integration with other Google products. Not only will Plus notify me via the nav bar (or whatever that top menu for bouncing between Gmail and Docs and Calendar and such is actually called), it'll let me interact and post to Plus WITHOUT LEAVING GMAIL. Haven't used it yet, but the hangout via webcam feature seems particularly fun as well.

Anybody need or want an invite?

Bonus: Yup, VERY GLAD to be in not-NYC now. Sad to leave peeps and be away from theatre, but GAAA THAT CITY.


Jul. 18th, 2009 11:19 pm
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Have returned from seeing Half Blood Prince with the family, and at the moment I have very little to say. Ok, not true. But I remembered very little in the few years it's been since I read the book, so all but the main events were pretty much surprises. I read HPB the night it came out, and haven't touched it since. I'll probably go back

Movie spoilers are pretty much negligible, book spoilers rampant.

Long(er) form response under here. )

Short form response: fun times, pretty, want Snape fics and Draco fics. Rec me?


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