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Working late in the shop for Triumph. It's a... sizable show. We're not at the point that we're scheduling 16 hour days yet, but the costummiere and I are goofing around and sewing things well into the night.

I have nearly, as predicted on Tuesday, built a hat. I'm tacking the lining in, and have about another hour of work. And then it will be a hat! Hooray! Hat!

Buuuuuut the reason I started this entry (while in the shop, rocking out to Pandora's Owl City channel) was to share a moment of awesome.

James (a former intern, now employee) just brought us eggplant parmesan. That he'd made from scratch. And just pulled out of the oven. Because he could.

He knew we were working late, so he brought us steaming plates of nommy nommy awesome.

How cool is that?
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Thursday's dress up theme is movie quotes. Lacking inspiration, I decided to wander through IMDB's vast storage of quotes. What have I learned?

Surprisingly few recognizable movie quotes contain concrete nouns. Even fewer contain concrete nouns that could be turned into a work appropriate costume.

"That's no moon, that's a space station" is on the list of potentials, but I posses nothing that resembles either a moon or a space station, so maybe not the best idea.

Alternately, "I have a mole?!" might work.


On the other hand, I do have a t-shirt that says "you breath so loudly I could have shot you in the dark" though I suspect that wearing a shirt with the quote falls under the Shameful Cop Out heading.

Hmm. Would I be a bad person if I carried around a picture of a bridge and periodically handed it to people? I could be "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a dam(n)."

At 3:30am, that's pretty funny. We shall see how it holds up tomorrow. Today. After sleep.


Mar. 30th, 2010 11:47 pm
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Some days, I get excited about finishing a dress, or rebuilding a pattern, or devising a crafty way of altering a jacket sleeve.

Today, I was proud of myself for sewing a button.

Yup. A button. Just the one.

I sewed 8 others, of course, but act of sewing buttons (to say nothing of buttonholes!) took pretty much all I had to give. And occasionally possessed technology (Bernett 80e, I'm looking at you with your cracked out buttonholing methods and random backstitching) didn't help at all.

Perhaps tomorrow I will successfully built a hat. Today, I will remain contented with buttons.

ETA: Of course. Tomorrow, I will not build a hat because tomorrow, I will work a matinée and an evening performance of Da. Perhaps I will build a hat on Thursday.
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Jo and Zane from Eureka are on Warehouse 13 as a couple with some sort of device that lets them win A LOT at casinos.

Ok, not Jo and Zane so much as Erica Cerra and Niall Matter.

Still. The wee bit I've seen so far, they snark at each other and interact not unlike Jo and Zane.

Syfy, (*twitch*) you're thisclose to a crossover. You'd make me a happy girl if that was intentional.
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Hooray for productivity! I had 3 separate loads of show laundry today, so I stuck around in the shop and actually worked on my Helen Hayes (DC area theatre awards) dress that I've been staring at since February. HAH! Take that, dress! I made the halter, remade the halter, discovered there's too much weight at the back with my added gathers, turned the halter into straps, remade the straps, and futzed with the strap placement.

And now I have a dress!

Well, mostly. Neither straps nor belt are finished, as I really need to mark them ON me, rather than on the not-at-all-me-shaped form. And there's one more pleat that needs stitching. And I need to add the decorative bits to my shoes. And figure out where else I'm putting decorative bits.

But before I do any of that, I need to sleeeeeeeep.

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Opening night was AMAZING.

Our afternoon (final preview) audience was brilliant, so I was a bit afraid that the evening wouldn't be as strong. But they were OUTSTANDING. There were two sustained laughs of more than 12 seconds (usually, a sustained, rolling laugh will last for 5 or 7 seconds)! And they were right there with the characters, getting the wit, not just laughing at the slapstick. The actors fed off that energy, so it was a wonderful show all around.

I'll actually be sad to leave these guys, as much as I'm looking forward to Triumph.

Gaaaaa! I love my job and I love my life!

/broken record
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Dear Universe,

I've been thanking you lots recently for providing me with wonderful thing everyday. Don't let this letter sound like a criticism. Really, I've just got a question.

Why do my hands smell of sautéed vegetables?

I sautéed half the contents of my fridge (no, really. When my "fridge" is actually a single drawer in the intern refrigerator, a bunch of green beans, a container of mushrooms, an onion, a jar of pasta sauce, and a vegan sausage really is half the contents. As you well know, Universe.) at lunch today. Smells permeate skin. No surprises there.

But I've since washed dishes 3 separate times, washed my hands a few more times, change clothes, showered, and put on lotion.


I still smell of sauté!

Perfumedly yours,
- Alina
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I've just had an idea that tickeled me so much that I giggle every time I think about it.

And now I'm writing it down so when I open LJ/Dreamwidth tomorrow, I'll see it and sporfle again.

The background: Triumph is an exceedingly whimsical show, and the costume shop gals have collectively decided to have dress up themes for the next 3 weeks while we work to get the show up. We wrote down ideas, folded them up, stuck them in a cup, and plan to draw one each day. Today's theme was Glitter (and sparkles and sequins and the like). A pretty straightforward theme. I'm generally glitter-less, so I borrowed a heavily sequined teal tank from my roommate, and paired it with a black hoodie, teal sparkly earrings, dark jeans, and grey clogs.

The theme for Wednesday (tomorrow) is Song Titles. At a loss for ideas, I thumbed through my iTunes library until I was struck by inspiration.

I'll be wearing a heavily sequined teal tank from my roommate, and pairing it with a black hoodie, teal sparkly earrings, dark jeans, and grey clogs.

My song? "Yesterday" by The Beatles.

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Was gonna write aaaaaall about this crazy sense of unearned good luck that seems to be following me around (not complaining, universe!) and how theatre has shifted my understanding of concepts like "normal," especially "day off."

But I've thrown myself head first into two shows. Start work at 10am, finish around 11:30pm, grab an hour for dinner in there somewhere. Not a bad thing, not by any means. Da had its first proper audience tonight, and man I'm proud of this show. I do pretty much nothing other than smile pretty at the actors and occasionally lend a hand, but it's a damn good show and the audience tonight agreed. Today also happened to be first rehearsal for Triumph, a show that (if the world continues to turn in my favour) will be one gigantic quick change. Aaand of course fittings for Triumph will be starting soon, which means me hanging about in the shop for even longer.

I'm not complaining, by any means. I know these hours won't last forever, and I'm gonna squeeze every waking moment of awesome out of my life.


Mar. 21st, 2010 11:57 pm
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Me: I've got to go to the library soon. I've read all my books and if I don't have something to read during rehearsals/shows, I'm going to start chewing on the actors.
Shop Manager: ...
Me: Did I say that out loud?
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Teeeeeeech rehearsaaaaaaaaaal.


That's not entirely a fare assessment, as this tech is not especially painful for me. It's a quiet show, costume-wise, so I do a great deal of sitting around. And laundry, of course.

And now, to find food in order to get rid of caffeine shakes. Gaaaaaaaaaa.


Mar. 18th, 2010 06:45 pm
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Living in a theatre is aaaaalways interesting; today is no exception.

There I was, checking email and generally noodling around online after a slow day in the costume shop when all of a sudden--


For those of you illiterate in Alina-Music-Dun-Dun-Speak, that's Carl Orff's Carmina Burana ("O Fortuna" to be exact).

I have NO IDEA why the speakers are belting "O Fortuna," but they are. Perhaps the group performing in the space tomorrow is teching?

Is a mystery!
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Design run for Da was today. Design run is the first chance for designers (and crew, usually!) to see how the show actually looks; there's very little tech involved so it's actors on a stage with basic props. Actors can still call for line, and blocking isn't always set. It's a rehearsal, to be sure.

The show I was today was AWESOME. It was fantastically well acted and I cannot wait to play too!

Seeing the run put me in a lovely mood for the rest of the day, so I gleefully worked on my Helen Hayes dress [DC area theatre awards; formal attire necessary. Yikes!], then ran lots of productive errands. Have now acquired shampoo, soap, toothpaste, shoe grips, hand cream, and various other sundries to keep me going until May.

Which is good, because Da tech is this weekend, and I'll leave Da mid-run to work Triumph. Errand running time will be in short supply the next few months!
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For someone who works in a creative field, I have a sad lack of artsyness in my life at the moment. My knitting needles hold a few uninspired projects, and I haven't cooked anything more exciting than soup and grilled cheese in nearly a month.

(Well, I did knit Droopy Dalek last week, but even he was black and grey.)

In an attempt to get my Right Brain working again, I spent the last hour and change paging through Inspire Me Now.

Though I remain idea-less, I am now filled with love for human creativity.

Did finally manage to shuffle my theatre-blogging over to Quick! Change!, a task I've had on my To Do list for nearly 6 months.

Hooray for promptness?
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I just made the mistake at properly looking at my calendar. WHOA.

I had today off (well, Sunday. It's technically Monday by now), and that's my last day off until APRIL. In the intervening time, I have:

Da design run
Bus Stop strike
Da tech week
Da opening
Triumph first rehearsal
Triumph pre pubs

Toss in there a small handful of meetings and basics like laundry and grocery shopping.

Oh yeah. Also, working in the costume shop 6 days a week when not on a show and running Da once it opens.

Let the insanity begin!

ETA: No, wait. I have one more day off this month. That makes 3 whole days off in March!
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I hereby dub March the month of Thwarted by Technology month.

Ok, let's be fair. Lets say this week has been the Thwarted by Technology week. The internet problem has been solved, and the device that was inhibiting our signal is no longer in use. But now my laptop battery is crapping out on me. I've had the laptop for well under a year, so the battery is still under warranty (THANK GOODNESS). HP has a minor battery recall going on, and navigating that site to figure out a) if my battery is screwing up because it's a recalled battery, b) if I'm doing damage to my computer by using a battery that may or may not be recalled, c) what to do if the battery is recalled and d) where to go next if the battery isn't recalled.


And here I had grand plans to write about suspension of disbelief and watching teevee with friends and theatre blogging. But I'm not. I'm about to go pry my battery out of my computer in order to compare its numerous product numbers, serial numbers, and id codes. Bets on how many times I'll have to shut down and restart throughout this process?
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You've all seen Christiaan Van Vuuren, right? He's the Aussie with TB stuck in quarantine and making fantastic videos about it. Still not sure what I'm on about? Observe:

Unrelatedly, Pei and I watched "Midnight," that back end of s4 ep of Doctor Who and I was both startled and delighted to discover Merlin trapped inna bus with the Doctor! Somehow, my brain never made the connection. I remember thinking "gee, that actor looks familiar" but only recognizing his name from a BBC mystery something I'd seen recently. Imagine my surprise today when Merlin showed up to angst about with black fingernail polish (EPIC WIN, costume dept!) and a leather cuff on his wrist.

Erm. Not that kind of cuff. The Emo McAngstypants kind. "Midnight" rocks my socks anyway, and was made even better by the giggle-inducing Same Continuity Game moments.
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I sat down to write this while listening to Mountain Goats (Sunset Tree, "Pale Green Things") but whoa, not the right music or brain place. Instead, a transition. Muse! The Resistance.

Yeah, that's better. For flailing about theatre, at least.

Theatre is awesome. I love seeing it, I love hearing about it, I love reading it, and most of all I love making it happen.

And I really, really love my job. As wardrobe crew, I have a few basic responsibilities:
1. Make sure the costumes/wigs stay clean and mended.
2. Make sure the actors look how they're supposed to on stage.

But my actual duties are rather more complex. They break down more like this:
1. Make sure the costumes/wigs stay clean and mended.
      A. Do laundry every night
      B. Brush/set/tend wigs however often is necessary
      C. Keep dressing rooms supplied with whatever is needed-- cotton balls, bobby pins, and tissues are hot items.
      D. Be prepared to fix anything and everything at all times
            i. An actor rips his pants and has 45 seconds before he has to be on stage? Safety pins to the rescue!
            ii. An actress pops the strand of beads on her dress? That's what the needle and thread are for. No need to take the dress off.

2. Make sure the actors look how they're supposed to on stage
      A. Do everything possible to make the actors feel comfortable, confident, and attractive in their costumes.
            i. Actors, as a general rule, have rather low self-esteem and are VERY critical of themselves. You would be too if it was your job to get stared at by hundreds of people 8 times a week and if your getting jobs was in no small part dependent on how you look.
      B. Do pretty much whatever is necessary to keep the actors in the right brain-place
            i. This covers everything from providing tissues to having a steady supply of hair pins, to being a should to cry on as necessary.
            ii. This task necessitates an ability to--for lack of better phrasing--read people accurately and quickly.
            iii. Consider thinking beyond costumes for this task-- have a cup of water and a throat lozenge ready for the actor with a scratchy throat, a tissue for the actor who tears up on stage, and a sweat towel for the actor always wiping his forehead.
      C. Perform all actions without playing the role of servant.

In short, as wardrobe crew, it's my job to keep the actors pretty while figuring out what everyone needs 5 minutes before they need it and then provide it, without looking like I'm fetching whatever people need.

And it's the coolest job EVER.
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We had the second round of fittings today for Da, a fact which got me up and out of bed almost an hour earlier than normal. Not because I had to get up early, mind you, but because I was just that excited.

I LOVE fittings. Love love love.

They're the first chance for me to get to know the actors, and it's the first time I get a feel for personalities.

BUT. As much as I want to chatter about why I love my job and theatre and wardrobe and life in general, I'm running out of battery power and I STILL don't have internet in my room. Thus, a skeleton post is the best I'll manage tonight. But hey. Am still writing. That counts for something, right?
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Blogging under pressure! Can I manage it? 17% battery power remaining! Will I post in time? Will I remember to send all the emails and download all the forms I need to before venturing back to my internet-less room? Will I actually write about any of the things I planned to write about?

Only time the next 15 minutes will tell.

Things! A short list of things about my weekend!

1. I watched a positively ridiculous amount of Doctor Who with a friend this weekend.
1a. No, really. We watched just over a season and a half, including 2 Christmas eps.
2. I'd forgotten, a little bit, the joy of sharing teevee show love with someone else. We flailed and giggled and shrieked and grabbed at each other, and by the time we got to mid season 3, we took mini breaks between each ep to process what we'd just watched.
3. A weekend (well, Friday night through Saturday) of Doctor Who is brilliant. A weekend of Who supplemented by many cups of tea, roasted veggies, omelets, and tasty bread is BEYOND brilliant.
4. I am slightly evil, and (knowing just how much "Blink" scared the snot out of my friend) wrote DON'T BLINK on the corner of her white board which led to a laughingly outraged message from her on my phone this morning, informing me of my evilness.
5. Watching the back half of s2 and knowing the end of the season with someone who doesn't know the end and really loves Rose is a little bit heartbreaking. In a good way, if that makes any sense.
6. In fact, rewatching the whole of New Who has been a fantastic way to rediscover my love for the show. I had wavered a bit 'round s4, and "Planet of the Dead" and "Waters of Mars" didn't to much to re-inspire my love. But rewatching has. Ooooh, has it ever.
6a. I don't even want to punch Captain Jack. And that's an impressive change.


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