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Watched two movies this past weekend, paired specifically because they both focus on a gay main character but are definitely not Issue Stories. I've had both I Love You Phillip Morris and Christopher and His Kind on my To Watch list for a while, and decided a double feature was in order. [personal profile] charloween helpfully pointed out that they're structurally similar and both based on true stories.

This is by no means a review; it's more a somewhat un-garbled collection of my thoughts.

Aaaaaaand posting now as our power has been flickering ominously. Hey there snow in October, how are you? (If you don't hear from me for a few days, I've probably turned into a slush monster.)

I Love You Phillip Morris: silly, abrasive, and frustrating )

Christopher and His Kind: pretty, subtle, and unexpectedly uplifting )

Time to stop writing things and make sure my electrical devices are charged. I don't expect the power to go out for more than a minute or two, but the ice covered leaves are apparently felling branches and trees all around and I'd rather have a full and charged Nook.
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Home now from seeing Inception and I have two things to say.

1. Dear Christopher Nolan: we clearly appreciate the same things when it comes to the male form. Please see: Cillian Murphy and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. MUCH LOVE, Me.

2. Is actually many things, in the form of mental barf and as such, includes an excessive use of parentheses and spoilers in a big way )

Other people who saw Inception an wrote about it. Where are you? I know I saw posts about it over the last week or so, but now I can't find them!


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