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The show has more or less settled into a routine, though act II still feels a bit like running slightly too fast down a hill; I think I'm in control, but momentum and gravity might get the better of me. I'm doing more wig work on this show, which is both fun and a little scary. Hooray for learning new things but ohgod responsibility! Alas, wig setting (and hauling wool military greatcoats around over my head) is not so great for my already poor posture and put upon back, so I've been cuddling up to a hot pad every night. There's one little spot between my shoulder blade and spine that occasionally acts up but has been burning like crazy lately. It's edging towards bad-enough-to-see-a-doc pain, though a) it's not there yet and b) I'm afraid I'll get a "stop doing whatever makes it hurt" diagnosis, which: no.

My actor and I positively ROCKED the fastest quick change in the show today, a change which involves a 10 year old boy going into a dress, heels, and wig/veil. We shaved nearly 15 seconds off a change which clocks in at just over 45 seconds total. Don't know what we did differently, but something was MAGIC! I actually looked to see if he'd gotten shoes on, as I couldn't see how we'd finished so fast. Awesomeness!

Unfortunately, I caught a knee to the face while peeling off the kiddo's socks (though no fault of his; he went to kick out of a shoe and I moved at just the wrong moment) and am now nursing a low level headache and some very faint bruising around my eye and across my nose. Nothing particularly visible unless I take my glasses off, but just tender enough to keep me aware of it.

So now, with an ice pack on my face and a hot bag o' rice and lentils on my back, I'm off to bed (and/or fic). Here's hoping I'm slightly less broken in the morning.
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I started an All Clear post this morning. The flood waters are down, the rain has stopped, the clean-up is mostly done. The rain this past weekend bumped the flood waters up again, so the dock was only 2 feet above the water level at low tide (usually it's about 6 feet above). But the parcking lot was dry.

When I got to the Opera House this afternoon, I found that the dock was underwater and the lower parking lot was flooded again. I laughed. What else could I do?

Everyone I interact with is exhausted as the end of our run creeps up. 2 weeks ago we had cancelled shows and hurricane crazyness. Last week we did 9 shows (one extra performance may not sound that bad, but trust me, IT IS): 2 on Wednesday, 2 on Thursday, 1 on Friday, 2 Saturday, and 2 Sunday. We have the same schedule this week. Next week is closing, so we have a wacky schedule. Instead of having both Monday and Tuesday off, we have a show on Tuesday, 2 on Wednesday, 2 on Thursday, 1 on Friday, and our final two shows on Saturday. After the second show on Saturday, we'll start strike/changeover. Sunday will be a day off, which much sleeping and relaxing. Monday we'll prep the theatre for tech and Tuesday we start tech for City of Angels. We have our first paying audience the following Friday.

If that sounds exhausting and overwhelming, that's 'cause it is. The last week and a half sucked pretty much all the life out of me, so I'm running on giggles and little else now. Luckily, so is everyone else. The dressing room has been filled with lots of goofing off, levels of insanity not previously reached with this cast.

I'm typing in circles now, and it's past 2am, so here. Have some music. I've been listening to this song lots (and now the rest of the album, since my terrible internet connection and iTunes finally cooperated enough to let me buy it!). The Gotye love is longstanding, but Kimbra is new to me and she is fierce! Together, they make much awesome.

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Earlier this week, we felt (well, lots of other people. I was out and about, and din't feel a thing) the East Coast earthquake.

We're also in the midst of bracing for angry Hurricane Irene to throw herself at us.

Yesterday, I saw a locust sitting on our screen. I looked at him (her?), he looked at me, and we both went our separate ways. Didn't think anything of it until someone made a "the world's ending! Signs of the apocalypse! Plagues!" sort of comment. Then I flailed QUITE A BIT.

Irene is still a few hours off. It's been grey, drizzly, and unbearably humid all day, but we got proper rain and our first big thunderclap around 11:30pm. I've charged and updated my Nook, located my flashlights, cooked/acquired non-perishable and cold-friends food, put up lots of water, and am as ready as I'll ever be. I now plan to sleep for a bit, then hopefully wake up to see the brunt of the storm. We're right on the CT river (the theatre butts up to the water, my house is less than half a mile away) so flooding is a pretty major concern.

Trees + wind + rain + river = a predicted mess.

Chances are pretty good that we'll lose power (though I expected it to be out already and we've still got active power, cell signal, AND internet--if you can call this crawly connection active). If that happens, I'll check in over here on the Twitters.
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This morning I bummed a ride into the only town nearby with a coffee shop and spend my early afternoon sitting in a window seat with coffee and Fly Trap by Frances Hardinge. 2 hours spent happily immersing myself in the world of Toll-by-Night with green-painted rebels and crotchety geese and hapless would-be kidnappers.

Then I climbed head first through a bedroom window in order to unlock a door.

And how way your morning?
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I've just assisted in the making of deep fried Oreos. I'm not sure whether this is awesome or horrifying. Mostly I just dusted everything--myself included--with powdered sugar and plated the Oreos once they were finished.

Somewhat more troubling: I've just eaten four deep friend (golden!) Oreos. I don't love fried foods aaaaaall that much, and I'm definitely not one for sweet fried foods. But they were so tasty! WHAT HAVE I BECOME!? I feel like I've made my Southern roots proud.

My stomach, on the other hand, is considerably less proud and more troubled.

Deep fried Oreos. So wrong. And yet? So right.


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