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It should be a surprise to NO ONE that I've made headway on s2 already. I'm not working a show right now, so my level of busy is almost down to Normal Human Being.

It's not there yet, of course; I do still work in theatre. But it's getting there. So I have lots of time for Supernatural!

2x01 )

2x02 )

2x03 )

2x04 )

I've been filling a photo album with postcards I've received over the last year and a half (started collecting properly when I started Postcrossing) because I literally ran out of wall space. To be fair, that should comment more on the TINYNESS of my living quarters than on the number of postcards I've found in my mailbox. I figured one binder that would hold somewhere around 170 cards would totally do it. A few oversized cards take up two slots but still. How many cards can I have collected in something like 20 months?

Well over 170, that's for sure! One album full and another started. SO COOL!

The obsessive organizer in me is happy with my decision to album the cards.

Why yes, I did just verb a noun. Wanna make something of it?
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The end of the season totally snuck up on me. I suppose it helps that I skipped episodes here and there. Now that I've finished one, I'll put out the same call for help:

Which episodes of season two are going to scare me snotless? Which (if any) should I skip?

1x19 )

1x21 )

1x22 )

Am resisting the urge to start season two tonight, as I really should get some sleep. This weekend! This weekend will be for baking and reading and watching lots of things. *nods*
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1x07 "Hook Man"
Watched the fist five minutes to confirm my suspicions about the basic narrative, then turned it off WITH PREJUDICE because that urban legend gave me nightmares when I was little. Seriously. I remember hearing the story for the first time on a rainy afternoon in afterschool (I can tell you where in the auditorium I was sitting, and that whoever did the telling used the foil tops of our repulsive vanilla pudding snacks to make a hook for scratching against unsuspecting children's seats), and having WICKED nightmares that week.

1x08 "Bugs"
Skipping past this one too. Even if it makes me the wimpiest wimp who ever wimped.

1x09 )

1x10 )

1x11 "Scarecrow"
Skipped. I'm a ninny, remember? It's a wonder I made it through the last ep!

1x12 )

1x13 "Route 666"
Skipped because racist monster trucks are terrifying in TOO MANY WAYS TO COUNT.

1x14 )

1x15 "The Benders"
Zipping on past this one too.

1x16 )

1x17 )

1x18 )
It is worth noting that I have NOT watched all this in one go. Because that would be crazy. *shifty eyes*
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Earlier today I told Twitter, in a creepy announcer voice "It looks like things are getting a little... Supernatural around here."


I've plowed through a great many episodes and have at least a few more head of me this evening. My braindrool is tucked away in the cuts below.

It seems silly to warn for spoilers about a show that's heading into its sixth season, but... spoilers for the front half of season 1?

1x01  )

1x02  )

1x03  )

1x04 )

1x05 )

1x06 )

Well damn. I've got "Hook Man" cued up, but if it's about what I think it is, I might give it the skip too. That urban legend/ghost story always got to me. (Yes, like everything else.)

Ok, yeah. 2 minutes in and I'm definitely gonna leave 1x07 unwatched for a while. Skipping over "Bugs" as advised, so I'm on to 1x09 "Home."
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Unphotography images of the week:

The Historic theatre is getting ready to receive the Liz Lerman Dance Exchange. The stage is matte black, three electrics are dropped and fully hung. There's a cream canvas crate downstage center with a stack of large printouts (they're light plots and associated paperwork for the hang, but the camera can't see so closely). There's a single work light on and it's focused downstage center, perfectly illuminating the canvas crate and paperwork. Anticipation.

Costume shop, a wooden table with an off-white sewing machine and various accoutrement including 2 seam rippers and a curved razor. On the right side of the table is a pile of white lace that the observing viewer might recognize as Hesione's final dress in Triumph. On the left side of the table is a pile of pink, white, and grey fabrics all swirled together. These were once the flowers that decorated the dress. Now the dress is a pile of lace and the flowers are just scraps. Cessation.

Quick SPN Notes Mostly for Me )


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