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In a funny brain place tonight, most likely thanks to exhaustion.

We managed to get all the way through the show today with no major disasters, and the relief I felt as the lights came down at the final cue was physical. Tech hasn't been horribly stressful, but it hasn't exactly been smooth or easy, so getting through the show was a huge success.

My major quick change was passable at best, but was better than it has been. And my one stopping point (stupid hook and bar!) is fixable. At some point, I'll have the presence of mind to time the thing properly, but it's in the neighborhood of 30 seconds to go from princess to male servant (from overdress, underskirt with paniers, wig, and necklace into breeches, shirt, vest, jacket, ascot, and hat). Oh, and did I mention she's got lines during the change?

It is--as I've been saying lately--stupid fast. And I LOVE IT! Despite my minor hiccup, we still got a smattering of applause from the other costume people.

Wait. This what not what I started out writing about. I was going to write about that show. Ya know the one. It has a madman and his blue box. I was going to say something about my recent experience of re-watching the entirety of New Who with Pei and how the communal (and often continuous) viewing changed my interaction with the show and characters. And then I was going to say things about Matt Smith, and his ability to act the EVERY LOVING DAYLIGHTS out of a scene without standing around emoting.

But I've been on my feet and going going going for countless hours the last two weeks, and I'm close to fall-over-from-brainded stage, so instead, I'm gonna hit post without really going over what I've just written.

So there!
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You've all seen Christiaan Van Vuuren, right? He's the Aussie with TB stuck in quarantine and making fantastic videos about it. Still not sure what I'm on about? Observe:

Unrelatedly, Pei and I watched "Midnight," that back end of s4 ep of Doctor Who and I was both startled and delighted to discover Merlin trapped inna bus with the Doctor! Somehow, my brain never made the connection. I remember thinking "gee, that actor looks familiar" but only recognizing his name from a BBC mystery something I'd seen recently. Imagine my surprise today when Merlin showed up to angst about with black fingernail polish (EPIC WIN, costume dept!) and a leather cuff on his wrist.

Erm. Not that kind of cuff. The Emo McAngstypants kind. "Midnight" rocks my socks anyway, and was made even better by the giggle-inducing Same Continuity Game moments.
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Am muffling myself behind a cut because mmlph! )

And in conclusion, is it Spring 2010 yet?
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Have just finished Waters of Mars and have some vageuly coherent thoughts in my head. However, they're all being shoeved in a dusty corner by the vast majority of my brain cells, which are clammoring FLAAAAAIL and GAAAAAAA and OVERLOADED BY AWESOME.



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