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I was going to say something about how I've spread out my watching a bit more than this posting schedule implies but I realize that's no longer accurate. I had yesterday night and today off, and they may well be my last days off for who knows how long. Shutting out the world via Smallville was EXACTLY what I needed!

2x16 "Fever"A minor quibble, and some knitting.
Mostly, I knitted while watching this ep--almost done with this heart!--so mostly nothing to say, except:
DCA-- isn't that the CDC? If it is the CDC, why change such a minor thing?
Smallville's supposed to be Anywhere, USA, right? And Metropolis is Big City, USA. So why change something like the CDC?

I've been reliably informed that the next pair of eps are pretty tasty, so I'm setting down the knitting now.

2x17 "Rosetta"Casting FTW!
Clark, you're not so much standing as floating.
I feel like I've missed A WHOLE LOT here.
I mean-- ah. Dream and sleepwalking (sleep flying?) makes more sense.

Ooo! Guest starring Christopher Reeve! THAT IS SO COOL.
Will he be Clark in the future? Nah, that'd be cheap.
A relation of Clark's from the stars (likely via memory, 'cause I do know that Clark's all by his lonesome. That much I remember.)?
Or someone else entirely, that the informed public can flail over?

Loud noise = someone drilling in the caves, yeah?
Or not. Octagon of Doom is demanding attention!
Worse than a hungry cat, that thing.

Seriously, Clark? Middle of the day? Is that really the best time to be sticking what appears to be a spaceship key into the lock? Especially since there are PEOPLE EXCAVATING IN THE CAVES?

Reading people's email, Lana? That'll end well.
Clearly. And thank you, show, for not stringing along that scene and making it even more awkward to watch.

Ooooof course Chloe--- oooh spaceship, Right?
Eeeerrr. THat wasn't what I expected. Symbols!

Much like I wonder about Cyclops (using "augh, I can't control my power" as a plot point only works if CLOSING YOUR EYES isn't a solution.) sometimes, I'd like to know why Clark just doesn't CLOSE HIS EYES when he's got fire-starting issues. That would solve it, yeah?

Ahh, info imprint. I vaaaaaguely remember this from Superman canon. Maybe I'm making it up, though.

Lex: looks like we've been abandoned.
Lana: Story of my life.

Aaaand there's the title reference!

Ooooooh no. Mr. Archaeologist! That's bad. He's either dead or filled with understanding. Mostly dead, then.

I'm guessing this Swann(?) character is gonna be Reeve, yeah?
Caaaaaaalled it!

I love an argument that inadvertently reveals a truth. That was a delightful one! Daddy Kent's "I'm not ready to give that [protecting Clark] up yet." was awesome, and very well delivered.

I was thiiiiiis close to saying I really like the professor, but then he gave Clark that "if you leave now you can't ever come back" ultimatum and that annoyed me.
Ok, ok, there is logic. Clearly Swann doesn't have much time left on this world (and I loved that the writers never actually addressed his illness, just let us use our knowledge of Reeve to fill in the blanks.) and there needed to be something to keep the scene going.

Swann: No, that's where Krypton was.
Tact, sir. A little bit of tact wouldn't have gone amiss.

Wait, what? Was is that piece? Is that the piece that Clark managed to get out a while ago?
Oh god the acting in this scene. IT IS SO GOOD. Killing me, gents. In the best way. Killing me.


That music sounds different. Similar to the original Superman theme, I'd guess?
ETA: Ah, Wikipedia says yes! And WOW is it hard to research this show while still avoiding spoilers for s3 onward!

Teeeeheeehee! Adorable bumper add for the Christopher Reeve foundation was adorable!

2x18 Visitor I forget, sometimes, how cruel teens can be.
Stripey shirt. Kyle? He looks familiar. My brain says Veronica Mars. Imdb shall tell me.
ETA: Brain was wrong, apparently. IMDB says I'm recognizing him from Saved.

Clark's expression after Cyrus set the peg board on fire DEFINITELY says "Hey, someone else accidentally(?) set something on fire this time!"

No, Clark. YOU take teenage alienation to a whole new level.

Awww, I like this discussion between Lex and Girlfriend (Hannah? Ah. Helen.). I like her, and I like that they can talk about a problem without having a heart-to-heart or an argument. I have a feeling their relationship won't last, because Lex isn't allowed to have nice things. Well. He can have them briefly, but he doesn't get to keep them.

Clark, the parallels between you and Cyrus's story is a liiiiittle bit too obvious.

Hah! And we're back to Lex teasing Clark about Lana! Makes me giggle, it does.

Writers, how many times are we going to have people refer to Clark as being as normal as it gets. Once was amusing, three times is just old.

Ya know, as much as I like Helen, she and Lex don't have much in the way of Chemistry.
Admittedly, that's probably helped along by the fact that we've only seen them have slightly detached conversations, never any intimate (physical or otherwise) moments.

Well, I'm impressed, Lex. I definitely expected him to keep the room secret and have that be the catalyst for the end of their relationship.
Of course, it might still be....
Lex, if you are seriously only dating Helen because of her connection to the Kents, I will PERSONALLY PUNCH YOU. Somehow.

Welling, your delivery for "No, just honest" was SPOT ON. Cheers, sir.

2x19 "Precipice"In which we meet an Icky Sheriff and Clark fails at feminism.
Creepy guys are creepy, that's for sure.
Aaand a little more than creepy.

Clark, at some point you'll have to learn that throwing people through the air doesn't always solve your problems.
And that the law enforcement doesn't tend to like vigilantes, self-declared or not.

That's impressive. Sheriff can play good cop AND bad cop!
I don't like her. Yeah, she works against Our Hero, but even more than that, she's smug and self-assured about what we know is wrong.

Lana: I just wish for once, I could have saved myself.
Most of Feminism: WE WISH YOU COULD TOO.

Helen's Ex: You really are paranoid.
Lex: No, I'm just a *frighteningly* good judge of character.
And so modest, too!

Whoa! He's gone from an ex to a CREEPER.

OH MY GOD IS IT SO HARD TO MIME A FULL CUT OF COFFEE? Or hell, even tipping the cup at roughly the same angle each time you sip?

Well Lana and Lex working out is awesome.

Wow, Clark. Way to be a TOTAL ASSHAT. "What if she gets into situations she can't handle"? FAIL.
Thank you, Chloe, for pointing out two of the FAILs in Clark's argument.

Yeah, this scene is gonna end in a kidnapped Helen, isn't it?
Whoa! Or a very bloody Helen!

Damn, when Rosenbaum yells, his voice RESONATES!

No no no no no no don't shoot, Lex!
Ahh, good.

Awwwww. Oh Lex.
With DON'T FEAR THE REAPER as the music (even a cover)? GOD, show.

2x20 "Witness" The episode about abandonment and also broken fluorescent lights.
Mrs. Small is CRAZY. And a HORRIBLE PERSON. Lana's a high schooler, lady! YOU DON'T GET TO TREAT HER LIKE THIS.

A few eps ago, destruction was indicated by shatterglass. This ep, it's aaaaall about the broken fluorescent fixtures!.

I kinda feel like this ep is one giant "Mom and Dad are fighting again!" what will all the direct lines of conflict. Kiss and make up, girls and boys!

2x21 "Accelerate" Meh, until the last 5 minutes
Kristin Kruek: about as good at acting startled as the girl in the movie Lana's watching.
Oooooh man. Horror movie fest? This is gonna be scary--

Maaan. Not even a child, but the ghost of a dead child?

"There's got to be a rational explanation for this girl" SAYS THE ALIEN WITH SUPERPOWERS.

OH LANA. I want to give you hugs. You too, writers. This speech of Lana's about being afraid that Clark will be disappointed if he sees the real her! A fantastic, totally in-character neurosis.

AHAHAHA DADDY LUTHOR drinking tea from a wee pink tea cup! RIDICULOUS.
And Emily is totally gonna come back to haunt us (heh.), isn't she?

2x22 "Calling (Part 1)" In which our entire narrative is clearly a set up for the next ep, and both Clark and Lana fail at friendship.
Creepy prof is creepy!

Wait, Clark and Lana share their first proper kiss (... right?) in the pre-credit intro? Huh.


Erk. More awkward with Chloe. WHY DOESN'T CHLOE GET NICE THINGS?!

Ooooh, somebody has Clark's blood.

Clark: We're meant to be together!
[Fandom: YES YOU ARE, BOYS.]
Lex: Don't tell me, Clack. Tell her.
Lex Luthor may be a swaggering, egotistical ass when it comes to women. But he's a swaggering, egotistical ass WITH A POINT.

White padded walls! Makes me think of "Lifeboat" and the good ol' days of SG:1.
Creepy prof, now with added hand lasers?

Clark toasted with water! THAT'S BAD LUCK.

2x23 "Exodus (Part 2)"In which Things Happen and Clark angsts.
Somehow I'm guessing that Lex is suddenly into a campaign of radical honesty. However temporary.
Aaaand that went well. Props, Lex, for being honest. And for not being overly betrayed when Helen decided to leave anyway.
Guessing we're not done with Helen, though.

Yes, yes. You're both fighting your destiny, boys.
Well done, Clark, for seeing through Lex's vague "I'm fighting my destiny" to call him on having done something to scare Helen away.

Only this one is REALLLLLLY an Octagon of Doom for Clark.

Lana Lang: VERY VERY BAD at lying to Chloe.
Chloe [Who might have a last name?]: VERY GOOD at putting on blinders.

That was definitely the fastest sunset in the history of the world.
But props to the lighting people for getting that light quality so warm. Love it!

I shouldn't be laughing. BUT. Clark pissed off the spaceship and inadvertently pulled a Spiderman.

I would be more impressed with Lana's admittedly very nice dress and Clark's awe of her if she hadn't worn NEARLY THE SAME DRESS to the rehearsal dinner YESTERDAY.

Clark Kent: lead character in How to Loose Friends and Alienate People.

Ohh man. There was something in the drink, wasn't there? DAMN IT. And I liked Helen!

BAH, we're setting Chloe up to be an antagonist in s3 now. LOVELY. So somewhere midseason-ish, there will be a possibly-tearful Moment of Realization, then, eh? Bah.

OH CLARK. You poor dear. No matter how bad the angst, red kryptonite ISN'T the solution!

Well! That's a challenge, Lex! And no Clark to save you from a watery death this time!

On to season 3! I'm planning to watch the first ep tonight (it's only 11:30 and I don't have to be at work until 10 tomorrow!) and WHO KNOWS when I'll get to the rest of s3. We've got a week of shows left (close and strike on Saturday, either day off or shop work on Sunday, and start tech for the new show on Monday. WHEEE!) and tech traditionally EATS MY BRAIN.
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