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Dear Yuletide Author:

You rock my world! Seriously, I'm jazzed to receive whatever you end up writing for me. In the interest of sparking some ideas, let me tell you about my likes. Of which there are many.

My AO3 is SomebodyOwens where you can see the couple of fics I've actually posted and more usefully, the bookmarks I've collected. Bookmarks are probably the fastest way to get a general idea of my likes, and my recs on my pinboard include more detail.

I'm definitely a fan of the porny fic, so that filthy sex you've been looking for an excuse to write is very welcome. That said, not comfortable writing porn? NO WORRIES. I'm so in love with each and every one of these dorks that whatever glimpse of their fictional lives you give me will be GREAT.

Squicks are fairly minimal, though deathfic and sad or ambiguous ending fics are at the top of the Nope list; happy endings are a must. Infidelity as a plot point is also a squick (Carey feeling guilty for cheating on Angela with PK is a NOPE, slight AU where Angela isn't in the picture or is as a good friend is fantastic for me. Open relationships are also great.) I'm not a huge fan of A/B/O and mpreg fic. As far as sex goes, I prefer not to read watersports, scat play, humiliation, or noncon.

My loves are many and varied, but tropes and id-fic are my absolute favorites. A few prompty ideas for any arrangement of characters, to get you thinking:

- Secret revealed fic! Whether that revelation happens intentionally or not (coming out to the team vs getting found out), I love the build and release of tension that comes with that narrative. The secret could be sexuality, or attraction to a character, or something totally different like person A having magic powers and being forced to tell Person B.
- Soulmates, from names on skin to telepathy. Show me angst over potentially being outed, the fear of unrequited love, or unexpectedly recognizing a mark on a teammate's body.
- Praise kink! Captains making sure their players don't take losses too hard, players making sure their captains/goalie/teammates know just how good they are, one person telling another how good they are in bed. Whether it's about comfort or sex (or both!), praise is delicious.
- Magic AU or HDM/daemons AU. I adore "everything is the same except magic is real/we have daemons" AUs, and the compilations (curses! Newly developing powers! Touching daemons!) that arise.
- Games that lead to shenanigans. Truth or dare. Spin the bottle. Strip poker. Give me hijinks and laughter and pining, and a perfect get together excuse.
- Threesomes or moresomes! As a solution to a love triangle, an established couple welcoming a (perhaps nervous) third, or a friendly team orgy. Everybody's happy!
- First time, in all incarnations. First time having sex, first time having gay sex, first time trying something kinky. I love nervousness and/or embarrassment by the newbie, and an eventual good time by all involved.
- Locked in togther, especially as a get-together device. Whether that's stuck in an elevator or snowed in on a winter vacation, two people trying to hide mutual attraction while sharing a small space is delicious.
- Pining. Pining in all its forms, so long as that unresolved tension gets resolved by the end. If you'd consider tagging a fic as angst with a happy ending, or fluff and angst, chances are high I'll love it.

Washington Capitals RPF (Braden Holtby)
Goalie love! Holts is a sharply dressed delight, and I'd love to see him get some love., whether that's deliciously filthy sex rewards or prank shenanigans or post-injury/post-loss comfort.

Itching to get your AU on? How 'bout a model Holts! Or similarly, accidental fashion blog star Holts! Or slightly telepathic Holts who doesn't mean to eavesdrop on his teammates except for how they just keep touching him. I'm happy to see him paired with any or all of his teammates and angst along the way is lovely, but in short I just want to see Holtby have a good time.

Montreal Canadiens RPF (aaaaanybody)
I've recently fallen desperately in love with the Habs, and I hemmed and hawed over character choices before settling on "any character" aka PLEASE, I NEED MORE HABS FIC IN MY LIFE.

I'd love to see the Cowboy AU that Pricey invites so easily, or the Coffee shop AU with Gally as a barista and Chucky as a recalcitrant but consistent customer. Olympics gold celebration fic (cameos welcome!) would be grand, as would the team consoling Pricey after a rough loss. I'd love some porn, but gen hijinks are delicious as well.

Dallas Stars RPF (Jamie Benn, Tyler Seguin)
I love a good redemption story, and Tyler certainly fits that. Relatedly, I love a good "I'm a pretty good guy and I make other people want to be better" story, and well. Jamie. I'd love to see the two paired together, but if you're a gen writer, friendship works too. Immediately post-trade, this year, or future fic all work for me, as do AUs. In whatever incarnation you like, I'd love to see Jamie making Tyler better. (If it sounds like I'm easy for these two... I am.)

Thank you, dear author, for whatever delightful words you write for me!
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