May. 27th, 2011

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Dear Lex Luthor (and also Michael Rosenbaum)-

HOW ARE YOU SO COMPELLING?! I've already established that you're not the sort of character I enjoy watching. Baby Bad Guy, primed to grow up to be Big Bad Guy? No thanks. Alternately, Good Guy who's snarky and self-intentioned and seems like a Bad Guy? Also no thanks!


Admittedly, the last episode I watched (ep 8, "Jitters," the one with Level 3 at LuthorCorp) was filled with lots of delicious Lex. Lex in pain! Lex betrayed by Daddy! Lec saved by Clark (again. Should I be starting a running tally?). Lex putting pieces together! LEX IN A LAVENDER SHIRT AND CHARCOAL SLACKS. (My shallowness, let me show you it.)

Also, I enjoy your shapeless meddling in Clark's love/social life. In particular, I love that you're aware how meddlesome you're being, and that you're totally shameless about throwing your weight around (visibly!) so Clark is more popular/looks good/gets the girl. It should be creepy and awkward, given your age/status/financial differences. But you make sure he knows that you're meddling and it works! Somehow.

And that last episode. OH GOD. You got yanked around LuthorCorp by the back of the collar, and somehow managed to convey a developing understanding and sense of betrayal in just a few shots. You think SO LOUD and I love it! I feel (given that I know who you'll become eventually) that I shouldn't trust you ever, but I do. Well done with the acting, sir. Well done.

Tired from flailing so much and really, really loving the lavender/charcoal combo that happily, you and your costumers seem to love as well,
- Me
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3 more eps down

Ep 9, "Rogue"
Clark: *looks at battle armor with an s-shaped snake on the front*
Lex: You know, it belonged to Alexander the Great.
Clark: I can't exactly see myself going into battle with that on my chest.

That makes two nods to the Superman s, yeah? The first when Clark unwillingly plays scarecrow, and now this. (Tangent: that shot of him strung up with the necklace around his neck is FANTASTIC.)

Also, do we ever get to see Lex being properly honest? I mean, I'm loving him do everything but tell the truth, but I'd like to see him tell the truth about his feeeeeellings

That's all I have to say. Dirty cop plotlines don't rock my world, and this one made me uncomfortable (not because it's particularly bad so much as I didn't enjoy it).

Ep 10, "Shimmer"

LEX JUST GRABBED CLARK FOR SHELTER AND ALSO FOR GROPAGE WHEN THE DOOR BLEW OPEN. OMG. There was no "I'm protecting him" or "he's in the way." That was FULL ON "Hold me!"

I spent much of that scene wondering why Lex was wearing a heavily startched white shirt. It wasn't bad, just didn't have the softness or flair of anything else he's worn. And then they walked into a room with a blacklight. THAT'S why he was wearing that shirt!

I don't love Lana Lang, but she's grown on the me last few eps. I'm keeping my mind open.

Lana: That's the thing about Clark Kent. He's not always there when you want him, but he's always there when you need him.

Aaand here's Lex being honest! Thanks, show, for answering my requests.

Question: do we know the story of Mommy Luthor's death? Other than that she died when Lex was young, had surgery of some sort, was on heart medication, and was sick for a while. I feel like I might have missed a salient conversation.

Smallville: Our sunsets are painted on. As are our moonscapes.

Heeeey, more Lex getting beat up! Aaaaand more honesty! This time fear, but it's genuine, unplanned (for the given actor's value of "unplanned) emotion! And Clark swans in to save Lex again. This ep, with bonus saving of Lex's not-girlfriend from drowning! MAJOR points to Lex for the "that kind of love would get me arrested; she's a little young for me" line.

Ep 11, "Hug"

I've been reliably informed (thanks [personal profile] serrico!) that this ep is especially good, so I think it's time for a proper liveblog. ETA: Nevermind. I'm a doof and can't read episode titles. Thought this was "Hourglass" when it's actually "Hug." Have liveblogged anyway.

Cutting for braindrool, but not spoilers since this aired A DECADE AGO )
Clark: It's still strange to think he and Rickman were once best friends. Think we'll ever end up like that?
Lex: Trust me, Clark. Our friendship is gonna be the stuff of legend.
Alina: *DIES*


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