Nov. 12th, 2011

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People of LJ/DW, I beg your brains! I need assistance with teevee-related decision making.

I miss consuming a multi-season narrative in giant bites. I had a few watching projects going, but kinda failed out of extended narrative for a while. Sure, I have the back half of the current Doctor Who season and various other things (like QI and Charlie Jade) to watch. But I want a new show, and I'm having trouble deciding what to watch.

I got partway through s2 of Supernatural before I stopped because it got too scary. Yes, I am a wimp. Suspense and a little bit of gore is all it takes to give me nightmares for a week. And my work is too stressful for me to lose an entire night's sleep. I really loved the stories with the Reaper, though. I much prefer godly forces to "help, I'm stuck in the crawl space of this hotel." If I can hop, skip, and jump my way past the cheap scares and go straight to the awesome epic stories, I'm all for it. Also, I kinda want to meet Cas.

I was about halfway though s3 of Smallville when life got busy, and I never picked it up again. No particular reason, just didn't get around to watching any more. In fact, I have a couple eps that I watched and wrote brain drool for, but waited to post until I had a whole block. The "I have a seeeeeeeeecret but I can't tell you" narrative got old three seasons ago, but I'm always in the mood for more Lex.

And I left poor Merlin back at the beginning of s2, preferring to coast along with just the fandom. I hear s4 is looking WAY up; thoughts?

Do I:
- pick up Smallville again
- give Supernatural another chance
- scrap both and watch [insert awesome show here]


sesquipedaliatic: Crazy.  We has it. (Default)

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